Import - My first Atom Package/Plugin

16 Mar 2014

I wanted to create a new Atom package/plugin that can git clone and open a git repo. This makes easier and simpler
to import a project straight from github and open it in Atom.

With this package, to import a git repo, you just need to hit ctrl + shift + i and enter the git
url Eg: Bingo! Your project will be imported to Atom.

If your project Eg: my_project exists already in your Atom project home, you can open
it too by just providing my_project or the folder name

Not sure where your project home is? Check out @ Atom > Preferences > Settings > Core Settings > Project Home

Please check out the package here.

You can create a simple atom package by:

  • Installing Atom.
    This also installs the Atom Package Manager (apm)
  • Do an apm init --package <your_package_name>
    This will generate an atom package skeleton.
  • You will see the following files and folders created:
    • keymaps/<project_name>.cson
      This stores the keymap bindings for your package
    • lib/<project_name>.coffee & lib/<project_name>
      These two files are like the heart of your package.
    • menus/<project_name>.cson
      This describes the way your package appears in the menu.
    • spec
      The name says all. Keep your test cases here.
    • stylesheets
    • package.json,

Your package gets initialized from the View.initalize in <project_name>
The command to init comes from command: <project_name>:toggle option
provided in the menu mapping.
A simple package can be created with it. If you like to handle user inputs, content function
is the one you should be aware of. Grep the API for more.

To test the package, place it inside the ~/.atom/packages/.
Make use of the Devtools inside Atom to debug your package.

Add a helpful readme file and validate your package.json

Once you are done, proceed to publish the package using apm publish minor.